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Day 5, Hike to Tres Cruces

You must make the hike to Tres Cruces if you visit Cali, Colombia. We were told to avoid the afternoons for the hike and to go in the morning, as early as possible. We started out the day at a no name restaurant around the corner from our hostel. The breakfast was simple but filling, and the coffee was delicious! The best coffee we had there!

It is reccomended to walk the trail in the morning because the trail is monitored by the police until the afternoon. When the police have left there is a possibility of robbery or harm. We felt very safe in Cali, but we listened to advice and left early in the morning. It took us awhile to walk up, but it was a beautiful walk! We also knew that we would have to walk back down! At the top there was iced fruit beverages and gym equipment. In some places on the hike there were steps. The police were monitoring and they did seem to be starting to leave by the afternoon. We made it back down safely and our hostel family was happy to see us safe and sound. Did they doubt us? Highly recommend this hike!

When we came back down we were starving and had little money on us. So we took our dirty, sweaty selves into the nearest restaurant we could find, scraped together enough money to buy something and split an appetizer at Lenos y Carbon. Really delicious samosas!

For dinner later, we went to Atahualpa for dinner. This ias our favorite restaurant in Cali. The view is perfect. You can sit on the roof top all evening and just look over the city. We keep ordering food so we can just stay there!

When we went back to our hostel, our hostel mate from Poland was desperately trying to get a flight back home to avoid the coronavirus. Chris and I were aware of the virus, but were unconcerned. We were headed to Bogota next! We were continuing on our trip! However, once we talked with our hostel staff and our airbnb hosts in Bogota, it was clear that we were in the middle of a very unique global situation and I booked a flight home immediately. We would fly home in two nights. It was hard to complain given that we had spent such an amazing week in Cali.

Along with booking a flight home, we also booked an ebike tour for the next day.

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