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Day 4 Cali Colombia

Where To Find Coffee

We had the one of the best breakfasts of the trip at a local hostel nearby. It was called Tostaky.

Just like its name, which means "Everything is here.", everything is here. They have full breakfasts, innovative pastry breakfasts, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, tea, coffee, wine and beer.

After breakfast, we walked to Loma de la Cruz, an outdoor market popular on Sundays where there were dozens of craft stalls to buy trinkets, clothing and cultural items to bring home. The market is also home to legends of Colombia. At the top of the hill a cross marks the spot where it is said that a tortured soul of a black slave was separated from his wife and then mutilated. It is a haven of freedom, art and expression. There is a lovely spot set aside for outdoor expresions of art and performance and a church at the top of the hill. You can buy "helato" from the neighboring homes on the way to the steps of the church.

We ate dinner at Asados La Terreza right outside the square with a great view.

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